Jersey City Why?

Jersey City is home to more and more development, but protections for local workers and their families are not being taken into consideration. State enforcement offices recently raided the 88 Regent apartment project in Jersey City because of allegations of worker misclassification.

Contractors in Jersey City and around the country are illegally and improperly misclassifying their employees as independent contractors. This deprives workers of their right to earn their full wages, overtime, workers’ compensation, unemployment, earned sick leave, equal pay, and more. It also allows for contractors to skirt their responsibility in paying their fair share of taxes lowering Jersey City’s revenue to invest in roads, bridges, our children’s schools, veteran services, senior programs, and more.

Allegations of worker misclassification and wage theft are now coming to light at the Provost Square Three project in Jersey City. That means more workers’ wages stolen, less work for Jersey City residents, and less revenue for Jersey City services.

Jersey City What?

What can you do to help? Use the tool here to send our leaders in Jersey City a message that you want a fairer system that protects workers and helps Jersey City gain the investment it deserves. New language must be put on the books that ensure future development meets basic requirements that will prevent greedy contractors from misclassifying their workers. This includes:

  • Responsible Contractor Language to prevent those who have cheated workers in the past working in Jersey City
  • Local Hiring Language to provide opportunity to Jersey City families
  • Recognized Apprenticeship Training Requirements
  • A Trained and Safe workforce criteria for Jersey City Projects
  • Fair Wages, Benefits and Retirement requirements for contractors to follow

It’s simple. Just add your name and hit send to let our local leaders know we need a change.

Jersey City Who?

The 88 Regent project was raided by state enforcement agencies on July 28th , 2021. Read the story HERE. With new allegations taking place at the Provost Square Three project we are seeing that bad contractors are not learning their lesson. Is Provost Three the Next 88 Regent?